Employment Law

Compliance Counseling

As a business owner, you probably already know this – there are a $%&!-ton of labor and employment laws . . . and more are being passed every day. You shouldn’t have to figure that out on your own. That’s why we’re here.

We help businesses navigate the complex and evolving landscape of workplace laws so you don’t have to. We offer legal advice, guidance, and strategic thinking on everything “labor and employment” related to ensure your business maintains an effective and stable workplace, while avoiding potentially devastating litigation or culture toxicity.


Fish for someone, and they eat for a day. Train that person how to fish, and they’ll waste money on fishing equipment for that one fishing trip per year.
Training is a critical component of how we partner with our clients. The goal is to become less reliant on us, and more reliant on your managers and HR professionals. We work with our clients on topics such as anti-harassment and anti-discrimination, how to identify and discuss accommodation requests, the right way to engage in performance evaluations or improvement plans, and wage and hour compliance.

Current labor and employment laws are a veritable minefield for employers. Since we can’t be everywhere, one of the more worthwhile investments a business owner can make is to properly train its staff to identify, discuss, and solve – in real-time – whatever is going on in the workplace.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Business can’t be all rainbows, sunshine, and unicorns. Sometimes disputes arise, deals go bad, contracts don’t work, or partners point fingers. When times get tough, so do we.
A good litigator will tell you when to fight and, more importantly, when not to fight. We think we’re good litigators and we bring this pragmatic approach to every dispute. This has helped us succeed against adversaries (sometimes far more experienced and credentialed than we are) and create workable and cost-effective resolutions that make sense. 

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