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2019: A Year of Changes for New York Employers

December 24, 2019
A lot changed in 2019 – especially for New York employers. This past year, the legal and regulatory landscape for companies in the state has taken on a whole new look. New rules were created, protections were expanded, and hurdles for aggrieved plaintiffs were lowered. In light of these...

New Jersey Employers – New Guidance on Employee Appearance Policies

November 5, 2019
New Jersey Employers – Does your employee handbook require that employees maintain a “professional” or “tidy” appearance? If so, you may need to rethink that policy. The New Jersey Division of Civil Rights has issued guidance on recent changes to the law protecting employees from...

Recent ruling expands employer liability under New York’s frequency-of-pay rules

October 22, 2019
A recent decision by a New York court paves the way for certain employees to privately sue their employers for “late” payments, even if they are paid in full. New York’s Labor Law mandates that “manual workers” be paid “weekly and not later than seven calendar days after the end of...
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Employers Must Provide Sexual Harassment Training By October 9th

September 7, 2019
Reminder! The Deadline For ALL New York State Employers to Provide Sexual Harassment Training is October 9 As we recently discussed, New York State has implemented sweeping changes to its workplace sexual harassment laws. Under the new laws, all New York employers (regardless of the number of...
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