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Cheers to New Laws and New Beginnings!

January 27, 2023
Hello friends! Feeling a little down because the holidays appear too far in the rear-view mirror (or not far enough depending on how we feel about “family” – we don’t judge here)? We hear ya, but it’s time to ring in a new year and a new era of employment laws! Okay, maybe you’re not as...

An Employment Law Catch-Up to Distract You from Holiday Preparations

December 12, 2022
We know this time of year is typically spent catching up on work, getting in those extra reps at the gym, or maybe even getting ahead of your holiday shopping. Let us help you catch up on one more thing: new employment laws going into effect very soon! Just like how the holiday season sneaks up on...

A Friendsgiving Potluck of Legal Updates

November 22, 2022
As we approach Thanksgiving, we want to make sure you all get your fill on employment law updates. On this week’s menu: Westchester County’s new wage transparency law and a primer on the WARN Act. But first, let’s dive into the new federal NDA ban for employee sexual harassment and sexual...
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Double, Double, Toil & Trouble, Vaccines Burn and EEOC Struggles

October 31, 2022
Happy Halloween! Hopefully you had an enjoyable weekend and haven’t had to deal with any HR complaints regarding your employees’ questionable costumes. We’ve got a lot cooking in our cauldron this week, and no, that isn’t a ghost creeping around the corner – it’s the latest New York...

Federal Government and the Garden State – The Most Recent Players in the Employment Law Arena

October 18, 2022
It’s not that often that we get a week when both the Federal Government AND New Jersey throw down the hammer and unleash some new employment law developments, so bear with us while we nerd out on this one . . . We’re talking employee/contractor classification, the (potential) end of...
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