A Recap of W+K and HVC’s April Webinar on Independent Contractors

Independent Contractors: Everything You Wanted to Know (but were too afraid to ask)!
Independent contractors – what are they, what you need to know, and how you can protect yourself. In our latest webinar, we deep dive into the role of independent contractors and how they can support (or harm) your business. We discussed the legal, compliance, and operational issues, including classification, compensation, IP ownership, and potential legal pitfalls.
Never use the phrase “1099 employee” again!
For those who missed this session or want to revisit the discussions, the webinar recording is now available here (passcode: 1^NFU1jM).
We value your input. If you have questions or specific topics you’d like covered in future webinars, feel free to message us directly. Your feedback shapes the content of upcoming events.
Stay tuned for more insightful discussions from Weinstein + Klein and Hood Venture Counsel in the future!

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