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Et tu, Compliance? March-ing Ahead With Legal Updates

March 1, 2024
So … how are those resolutions coming along? It’s March (yes, seriously) which means that Spring is just around the corner and by now nearly everyone has given up on their New Year’s resolutions (enjoy that monthly donation to Planet Fitness). March also brings some fun HR...

HR’S 2024 Resolutions: Because “Go to the Gym” is So Last Year

February 2, 2024
Well folks, we made it. The New York metropolitan area has weathered through nine straight cloudy days to close out January (yes, that’s actually true; and yes, you better believe pun intended). But it’s now February – time to put that seasonal depression in our...

Ho-Ho-Hold Up: Navigating Year-End HR Updates

December 22, 2023
‘Twas the week before year-end, when all through the office, not a regulation was stirring – except in California. The handbooks were hung in the office with care, in hopes that updates for 2024 would soon be there. Employees nestled snug in their ergonomic chairs,...
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The Silence of the Claims: A Chilling Tale of Labor and Employment Compliance

October 27, 2023
INT. OFFICE - NIGHTA dim desk lamp flickers, casting eerie shadows across a cluttered desk. Papers rustle like whispered secrets. The clock strikes midnight. The glow of a computer screen illuminates a face, tense with anticipation.NARRATOR (V.O.) Fade in: A late-night scene, typical for the weary...

Falling Into Compliance: Updates You Need Before Sweater Weather

September 22, 2023
We couldn’t let Summer go without sending you one more newsletter. And so, as the air gets a little crisper and the leaves a little browner, cozy up in a nice shacket, let those PSL aromatics fill the nostrils, and catch up on the latest and not-so-greatest developments in the world of...
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