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Client Services Agreements: Making Your “Main Event” Agreement Understandable, Functional, and Advantageous

June 11, 2024
Back in March we wrote about the four foundational agreements for every business: NDAs, client services agreements, employment agreements, and independent contractor agreements. Most recently we did a deep dive on NDAs, so this month we’re focusing on client services...

Employment Law Updates (in case you’re interested in legal news besides THAT trial)

May 31, 2024
It's good to be back! After a little hiatus, the Labor and Employment Law Blog has returned just in time for the season's most significant news (because, let's be honest, nothing notable happened yesterday, right?). Memorial Day is behind us and we’re already staring...

A Recap of W+K and HVC’s May Webinar on Non-Competes!

May 30, 2024
Non-Competes: Everything you need to know, but are too confused to ask!   Non-competes are ubiquitous, but they’re also very misunderstood. Now, with the FTC’s new rule “banning” non-competes, there’s even more confusion. Join us for a deep dive on non-competes: what they are, what they...
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Partner Damien H. Weinstein interviewed by HR Daily Advisor on Employee Exits

May 17, 2024
Partner Damien H. Weinstein was recently interviewed by HR Daily Advisor on best practices when handling an employee termination or resignation. The article discusses the benefits and drawbacks for both employer and employee when an employee resigns instead of being terminated, highlighting how...

A Recap of W+K and HVC’s April Webinar on Independent Contractors

April 26, 2024
Independent Contractors: Everything You Wanted to Know (but were too afraid to ask)!   Independent contractors - what are they, what you need to know, and how you can protect yourself. In our latest webinar, we deep dive into the role of independent contractors and how they can support (or harm)...
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